Balbi & Associados, a company founded in 1979, has consolidated a more than thirty-year tradition of expertise in the areas of asset consulting and management, appraisals, planning, expert opinions, and real estate, business and investment development. Since the 1970’s, the engineer José Fernando Guitton Balbi, director of the company, has taken over the development of “Value Engineering” and the issues of both ownership and uses, of urban development and planning, markets, companies, investment and mediations, thus positioning Balbi & Associados as the business-solutions market leader.

Thanks to its expertise and entrepreneurship, Balbi & Associados develops and applies “Value Engineering” with results that surpass all expectations with a full understanding of our clients’ needs and objectives.

Balbi & Associados, represented by its director José Fernando Guitton Balbi, took part in the development of ABNT’s norms (Brazilian Technical Standards) related to the appraisal of:

  • Rural and urban properties;
  • Plots that can be part of an urban development project;
  • Machinery and equipment;
  • Industrial compound facilities;
  • Unitary costs and preparation of a construction budget;
  • Building condos incorporation;
  • Engineering expert opinions in civil construction.

In the area of personnel training and education, the directors and the team of Balbi & Associados have planned and delivered courses and important seminars to both engineers and economists from BNDES, BNH, State Development Banks of the ABDE (Associação Brasileira de Bancos de Desenvolvimento); from the ENHAP – Escola Nacional de Habitação e Poupança and ABECIP – Associação Brasileira das Entidades de Crédito Imobiliário e Poupança among others.

Among such courses, we highlight the seminar "Avaliação, Investimento Econômico Social, Destinação" (Appraisal, Social Economic Investment, Destination), supported by ENHAP and with participation of BNDES, BNH, BANERJ, BANESPA, PETROBRAS and CESP when the criteria for both public and private investments and divestments were discussed.

Balbi & Associados  is integrated in the corporate environment, being affiliated to representative entities such as IBEF – Instituto Brasileiro de Executivos de Finanças, AmCham – Câmara Americana de Comércio, CREA – Conselho Regional de Engenharia e Arquitetura, IBAPE – Instituto Brasileiro de Avaliações e Perícias de Engenharia, IEL – Instituto de Engenharia Legal e Clube de Engenharia, among others.

José Fernando Guitton Balbi is a Council Member of Oscar Niemeyer Foundation and member of the arbitrators and mediators structure of the Rio de Janeiro Mediation and Arbitration Chamber.

Balbi & Associados - Consultoria Patrimonial